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Supporting capacity with augmentative communication aids

Top 10 blogs on Mental Capacity and the Mental Capacity Act

In the last 18 months, we have published 100 blog posts on topics relating to Mental Capacity and the Mental Capacity Act (2005). In that time, we’ve covered a diverse range of subjects from Lasting Power of Attorney, to least restrictive practice, the causative nexus, and much more besides! We’ve also recently launched a series of mini case studies using characters from famous film and TV shows as a way to think about capacity around decisions.

Supporting capacity: woman being pushed in wheelchair, looking at the sun

Mental Capacity Ltd: Our Mission 

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Our Mission is to raise awareness and confidence in the everyday application of the Mental Capacity Act, including the use of the Deprivation of Liberties and Liberty Protection Safeguards. We strive to demystify assessment process, empowering those involved and ultimately helping to ensure that people’s rights are protected, and the best decisions are made.  

Offering a hand of support

Mental Capacity Ltd: Where it all began

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The idea for Mental Capacity Ltd started one day when my brother Mike was visiting me in at my home in the South East, and we got chatting about my work as a mental capacity assessor and advocate.

During our chats, we started to talk about some of the frustrations I was experiencing with my work, and the poor practice I was encountering on an almost daily basis. Examples included wrongly applied DNAR orders, care plans that unduly restrained users in their wheelchairs, and the unlawful application of Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS), particularly within the private sector as well as lack of application in main stream hospital wards.