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Mental Capacity Ltd: Our Mission 

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Supporting capacity: woman being pushed in wheelchair, looking at the sun

Our Mission is to raise awareness and confidence in the everyday application of the Mental Capacity Act, including the use of the Deprivation of Liberties and Liberty Protection Safeguards. We strive to demystify assessment process, empowering those involved and ultimately helping to ensure that people’s rights are protected, and the best decisions are made.  

What we do 

To achieve this, we host an ever-expanding range free resources within our web pages and blogs that cover a wide range of scenarios and topics within this vast area of Mental Capacity. These include, but are not limited to, how to explain the assessment to the individual being assessed, example assessments, common errors and more. We also signpost useful resources from reliable sites.  

In addition, we work hard to raise general awareness around the Mental Capacity Act and best practice. We do this by presenting at conferences, writing articles, and building a social media awareness, discussing relevant current topics. 

This outreach aims to develop knowledge, challenge misconceptions and build connections. By supporting all practices, including community, education and family environments, we hope to support preparation for the upcoming changes in practice through the Liberty Protection Safeguards and updated code of practice.  

This leads to our three key service offerings: 

  1. Professional training: either online or in-person, through generic or tailored continual professional development courses.  
  1. Consultancy to support application in practice, development of resources, occupational therapy specific support or more.  
  1. Mental Capacity Assessments for a range of complex decisions. 

Through this comprehensive approach, our aim is to Promote, Partner and Protect

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