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Our values: Promote, Partner, Protect

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Values are essential to help us establish a moral outlook and focus within our everyday practices – without which we lose our sense of identity and purpose.

Here at Mental Capacity Ltd, we have identified three core values to guide us in our mission: Promote, Partner and Protect.


We seek to always promote an individual’s rights within the Human Rights Act, Equality Act, Mental Capacity Act and more; challenging misconceptions, supporting reflection, building confidence, and developing best practice.

We also remain fully committed to the five key principles of the Mental Capacity Act, which place the emphasis on the individual, promoting their inclusion throughout. 


Partnering considers how we work alongside the individual at the centre of the process; ensuring they understand their rights and the context of the decision being addressed in a supported, appropriately-graded approach.

In doing this, we uphold the individual’s voice and rights, empowering their wishes and views within the given situation, in line with the Mental Capacity Act and associated Code of Practice.

We also partner with fellow professionals, and build connections with relevant parties such as family and friends, as well as professional staff. Throughout this process we ensure only appropriate information is shared, with consent and appropriate processes, adhering to all relevant legislation (such as GDPR) as well as information security guidelines. 


The most vital part of Mental Capacity Act is to protect.

Protecting the individual to make decisions for the future while they have the mental capacity to do so; forming a Will; assigning a Lasting Power of Attorney; making an advanced statement or decision.

This also includes protecting the individual who others may have a reasonable belief that they lack mental capacity for a specific decision at a particular time. This means protecting their rights to have reasonable adjustments and support to enable capacity to make a decision. This also means protecting their rights to make what others may deem an unwise decision; but also protecting their rights to have actions or decisions made in their Best Interest if they are unable to make a decision themselves.

Throughout this process we monitor the situation and liaise with appropriate professionals if concerns are raised or flagged, ensuring the individual is safeguarded in all areas.

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Protecting colleagues

But we don’t just protect the individual being assessed – we also help protect those using the Mental Capacity Act in their day-today, to help ensure the law is applied as intended.

This means working with professionals to help them understand the Act and how it works; helping them to apply the Mental Capacity Act appropriately, in line with the five principles and the (soon to be updated) Code of Practice. This also includes training them to document their actions and to follow due diligence in order to protect themselves from liability in the eyes of the law.

Supporting those in need

The three principles of promote, partner and protect are at the heart of everything we do at Mental Capacity Ltd, ensuring a person-centred, professional practice that supports capacity and puts people first.

To find out more about how we could support you, or your organisation, please visit our services page, or get in touch.

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