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Mental Capacity Assessments

Mental capacity assessment: female professional assessing elderly gentleman

What is it?

A full bespoke Mental Capacity Assessment carried out by a registered healthcare professional. This will assess a person’s capacity to make a specific decision which may include but is not limited to, one of the following:

  • COP3 – Mental Capacity Assessments for the Court of Protection
  • Make or amend a Will
  • Assign Lasting Power of Attorney
  • Litigate (e.g. divorce, sue)
  • Marry / have sex
  • Make treatment decisions
  • Make a gift / give a substantial donation
  • Challenge Best Interest decisions
  • Manage money
  • Decide living arrangements

Assessment process

As part of the assessment you will receive:

  1. Letter/email with information on what to expect
  2. A full Mental Capacity Assessment for a specific decision
  3. Full report, validated and signed by a registered healthcare professional
    • Sent to the person who the report is about and an electric copy send to the person requesting the assessment, with the consent of the relevant person
  4. Optional debrief either by phone or in person (travel costs may apply)

In most cases the person being assessed will be debriefed on the day of the assessment. For complex cases, we will return to debrief the service user (the person being assessed) at a later date.


Standard assessments

  • £300 per test + travel time at £30 per hour (including petrol)

Please note: these prices include administration costs, information gathering, preparation for assessment, travel time, assessment completion, report writing and any associated follow-up work.

Bulk discounts may be available. For specific or non-listed assessments, please contact us.

Additional notes

  • If certificates or witness signatures are requested, we will only complete this with the direct instruction and presence of a solicitor to act as the second witness. This will be at an additional cost to be confirmed. Please note that this is an optional extra to the core service of Mental Capacity Assessment, training and consultancy, being provided at the agreement of all appropriate parties.
  • Additional charges may be necessary if several visits are required.