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Best Interest Assessor

Woman deep in thought during assessment.

As of February 2024, we are accredited by Birmingham City University to act as a Best Interest Assessor. As such, we can provide the following stages of assessment within the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) process:

  1. Mental Capacity Assessment – for the decision of care and treatment at X, where X is the ward, nursing or care home.
  2. Best Interest Assessment – applying the Acid Test and Best Interest Checklist alongside the Guzzardi Principle.
    • With the option to include age and no refusals.

We can also provide recommendations to the Supervisory Body regarding the appointment of a Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR), the duration of authorisation, and if any conditions are considered appropriate for consideration. 


  • Must be agreed and directed by the Supervisory Body, for which we are happy to consider progressing via suitable agencies if appropriate.
  • Lancashire and Cumbria areas primarily, other areas on considered on a case by case basis.

Reports are completed to a high standard and aimed to be turned over within 5-7 working days of acceptance and receipt of documentation.