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Top 10 blogs on Mental Capacity and the Mental Capacity Act

Supporting capacity with augmentative communication aids

In the last 18 months, we have published 100 blog posts on topics relating to Mental Capacity and the Mental Capacity Act (2005). In that time, we’ve covered a diverse range of subjects from Lasting Power of Attorney, to least restrictive practice, the causative nexus, and much more besides! We’ve also recently launched a series of mini case studies using characters from famous film and TV shows as a way to think about capacity around decisions.

Top 10 blogs

According to our viewing figures, our most popular blogs are:

  1. Example Mental Capacity Assessments
  2. Types of questions to ask in an assessment
  3. What is a Relevant Person’s Representative (RPR)?
  4. Preparing questions for a complex Mental Capacity Assessment
  5. Gillick Competence and the Fraser Guidelines
  6. Least restrictive practice: What does the Mental Capacity Act say?
  7. Understanding the causative nexus
  8. Who can carry out a Mental Capacity Assessment?
  9. Communication to support capacity
  10. Landmark cases in the field of Mental Capacity

We hope you find our blog posts useful. When we started Mental Capacity Ltd, one of our core aims was to improve education around the topic of Mental Capacity and how it applies in day to day life.

Of course, we’re always on the look out for more topics to write about. Over the coming months we will continue to expand our case study series and provide updates around the forthcoming Liberty Protection Safeguards, as and when it does finally come into operation.

If you have any feedback or comments about our material at all, we’d love to hear from you!

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