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What work is involved in a typical Mental Capacity Assessment?

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Mental Capacity Assessments are typically provided by experienced healthcare professionals working independently, or as part of a larger organisation. Unless there is a statutory requirement for the assessment, relating to a specific care or treatment decision, then it is unlikely that an assessment will fall under NHS provision and be free of charge.

Stage 1: Research

This journey starts from the point of enquiry or referral. This usually involves several phone calls and emails to discuss the case, clarify information and formulate a quote.

Once the assessment time has been agreed, the assessor will read over all relevant documents. The assessor will then complete independent research to ensure relevant case law is applied. They will then prepare questions and resources tailored to the individual’s needs. This can take several hours’ work depending on the specifics of the case.

Stage 2: Assessment

On the day of assessment, the assessor will travel to the assessment location where they will introduce themselves to the client and any relevant friends and family members before carrying out the assessment. This is done on a one-to-one basis, away from family members and other interested parties in order to reduce distractions and risk of undue influence.

Stage 3: Documentation

Following the assessment, the assessor will write up notes from the case before then completing a full draft Mental Capacity report for review. After which, the draft document can be used to debrief the client and referrer, with appropriate consent. 

Stage 4: Final report

Once payment has been received, the final signed and approved copy of the report will be sent via recorded delivery to the client, with a secure copy sent to the referrer via email, if the client has consented to their information being shared in this way.

Of course, each case will vary in terms of workload and how long each element takes. In total, an average case will take in the region of 9–14 hours of work. This may be significantly longer for more complex cases, or if travel is required.

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